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21.11.2015 Metbar Lenzburg
(with Mortal Factor)

29.01.2016 Coq d'Or Olten
(with Chelsea Deadbeat Combo)
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CD RELEASE SHOW "PLANET PARASITE" 18.03.2014 Make sure to support us at our CD release party on 22.03.2014 @ Kulturwerk118 in Sursee (LU). We will play a set with most of the new songs and some classics of course. For warming up we will get support from Science Of Disorder from Lausanne and Suborned from Basel. We will sell for the first time the brand new album plus the new merchandise.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT 25.03.2014 What a night last Saturday!! Thank you for supporting us at our release show in Sursee. You made the evening special to us. The new songs were well received and we had so much fun playing the first show since almost 16 months. A special thanks goes to our support bands Science Of Disorder and Suborned and of course Rampage Industries for the flawless organisation. We will update you soon with new gigs and photos from the last show. In the meantime you can of course order our new CD "Planet Parasite" through our shop and all other channels like or ... There will also be the oportunity to get our songs through iTunes, Amazon etc. soon. We will update you on this.
NEW GIGS CONFIRMED 27.03.2014 We happily can announce the next gigs for CONTORSION. On 17.06.2014 we will play the Star Club Uster as support for Huntress (USA) and Battlecross (USA). The other two shows are in November 2014 - one with The Percent at Metbar Lenzburg and the other with Excelsis, Souldrinker, Pertness and many more in Steffisburg. Mark these dates in your calendar. Our former guitarrist Luca Rossi made some videos of our CD release gig in Sursee. You can check them out here: It's not high definition and perfect sound quality ... but gives you some impressions of our last gig.
NEW REVIEWS AVAILABLE 08.04.2014 There are new reviews available. Check them out: Review CD (english) from Review CD (german) from Review CD release show from Photo gallery from release show from Thanks for your support.
NEW GIG CONFIRMED 27.05.2014 On 11.10.2014 we will support mighty GurD at their show at District28 in Siebnen SZ. Check out the live page for further details.
NEW REVIEWS ONLINE AND MORE GIGS CONFIRMED 23.06.2014 There are more reviews online for our CD "Planet Parasite. Check out the links below: Metal Temple (USA) Holtkeltok (Hungary) Lords Of Metal (Netherlands) In the "Live" section you find more confirmed gigs for the club season 2014/2015.
NEW GIG CONFIRMED 27.08.2014 On 06.12.2014 we will support Belgian grindcore masters Leng T'che and Swiss folk metal band Abinchova at the Treibhaus Lucerne.
UPCOMING SHOWS IN NOVEMBER & DECEMBER 28.10.2014 The concert season is up and running. After a succesful gig with GurD three weeks ago, we will play Metbar this Saturday together with our buddies from The Percent. This will be massive! On 15.11.2014 we will play the Metal Night X in Steffisburg. As we will already play on 16:20 you have to show up early to catch some serious thrash metal. The week after is Thrash Metal Domination over Emmenbrücke with Mortal Factor. It will be hot and sweaty - but fun ... don't miss this one. The last confirmed gig for this year will be in Lucerne with Belgian grindcorelers Leng T'che and Swiss folk metal masters Abinchova. We hope to see you at these occasions! Support Contorsion - support metal in Switzerland!
NEWS ... 02.02.2015 Last Saturday we played @ Böröm pöm pöm with Suborned and Petrol Patrol. Everything went smooth and easy - a pleasure as always with the Böröm crew. Currently we are writing songs for a future record. At the moment we have 4 songs finished and a lot of ideas for some more tunes. More gigs will come up - as soon as they are confirmed we will put them on the page.
Gig update 22.04.2015 We have a gig @ Coq d'Or in Olten this Thursday with COBRA from Peru this Thursday. It's really short term but come out and support heavy metal! There are two more gigs confirmed for this year. The first is at the Harvest Festival in Muotathal. Thia is a very nice and familiar festival in a picturesque landscape. Further bands on the bill are GurD, EXIT, Devils Rage and many more. In November we will destroy Metbar once again. Our buddies from Mortal Factor will join us for this mayhem. Songwriting turns out very productive so far. We have no 7 songs almost finished and some more to come.
NEW GIGS CONFIRMED 29.04.2015 It seems to be a busy summer ... two more shows confirmed. One with the thrashers HIRAX and NERVOSA @ Coq d'Or and one in October with Swiss fellows BATTALION. See ya ...