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01.04.2023 Sedel Lucerne
                   with Still Slayer,
                   Raw Power,
                   Disposable, Vorax,
                   Mind Patrol

16.09.2023 EP release show

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Gig update 22.04.2015
We have a gig @ Coq d'Or in Olten this Thursday with COBRA from Peru this Thursday. It's really short term but come out and support heavy metal!
There are two more gigs confirmed for this year. The first is at the Harvest Festival in Muotathal. Thia is a very nice and familiar festival in a picturesque landscape. Further bands on the bill are GurD, EXIT, Devils Rage and many more.
In November we will destroy Metbar once again. Our buddies from Mortal Factor will join us for this mayhem.
Songwriting turns out very productive so far. We have no 7 songs almost finished and some more to come.
It seems to be a busy summer ... two more shows confirmed. One with the thrashers HIRAX and NERVOSA @ Coq d'Or and one in October with Swiss fellows BATTALION. See ya ...
NEW GIGS & PREVIEW 2016 11.12.2015
The year is going to end soon and we had a really great and succesful 2015!! Great shows, meeting a lot of new people, hanging around & drinking. Thanks for supporting us!
There are already some gigs confirmed for 2016 and more are in the pipeline. We are still writing new material and will concentrate on that the next few months to prepare for the next record.
So stay healthy, have a nice christmas or whatever and see you soon on the road!! Cheers
It was quiet the last months on our website - but no news does not necessarily mean bad news ...
We played two great shows in Olten and Winterthur and of course songwriting nonstop. We are happy to announce that we booked the studio for December 2016. We will Team up again with Markus Hospenthal from KHE Recording Studio in Sursee to record the successor of "Planet Parasite" In this moment we have 10 Songs ready for the record, but we will do more songwriting during summer. The songs sound promising and we will present some of them on future live occasions.

There are two more gigs confirmed for autumn / winter 2016. We will play the O'Hanlons Irish Pub in Reinach (AG) together with our buddies from Final Cut. And we also will be part of the "Stroke Of Fate Vol. 6" Festival in Boswil (AG) with Broken Fate, Hellvetica & Final Story. 
NEW GIGS CONFIRMED FOR 2016 / 2017  11.08.2016
Summer holidays are over and we have some exciting news about new confirmed gigs.
We will play the legendary Meh Suff Festival amongst highlights like Coroner, Asphyx, Samael, Tryptikon, Entombed A.D. and many more.
In October we will enter the Metbar stage for another time. Support band will be added soon.
And for 2017 there is already a show booked. For the 10 year anniversary of Metal Mayhem we will play the foyer @ KiFF with our buddies from Final Cut, Angry Bastard & Strained Nerve. The best thing is: it's for free!! And in the main room will be a one-off reunion show of mighty Cataract - don't miss this and get your ticket ...
Check out the "live" section on our page for more details.
Album update & release party  22.03.2017
New year - next thrash metal domination! We will release the new album on 26th May 2017. The recording was done at KHE Recordingstudio. It will contain 12 songs and the title is "United Zombie Nations. We will post some bits of the artwork soon - so stay tuned!
The album release party is on 20th May 2017 at Metbar Lenzburg. We will be support by our fellow brothers Final Cut. Don't miss this thrash metal massacre ...
Updates / new gigs for 2018  28.11..2017
It's been a while since our last proper update. This doesn't mean we were lazy ...
First there has been a trademark conflict with our newest record. We had to change the title from "United Zombie Nations" into "U.Z.N.", as there is a trademark registered in USA and EU region for the term "Zombie Nation" from another artist. It took some time to sort this out, but we are happy that we found a solution which works for both parties.
Besides the last shows in Aarburg and Reinach we are currently working on new songs. There are ideas for three songs almost worked out. During winter time we will surely invest more time this path down.
Shortly we can announce our first short tour in 2018 which will lead us through Czech Republic, Slowakia, Poland and Germany. More details coming soon ...
Updates cancelled tour / songwriting  14.06.2018
It was quiet silent here for quite some time - but you don't have to be afraid: we're still here ...

We had some issues going on with a planned tour at the end of May 2018. It was planned to do a 6-date run in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Slowakia. Unfortunately, the booking agency didn't take it as seriously as they should, which didn't left us another choice than cancel everything. 
This was a big disappointment for us, as we put in a lot of efforts to make our first tour happen. But if you don't get any contract in months, nor informations about all tour stops and venues, and no promotion is done less than four weeks before the first show, it's quite obvious that this will get a desaster. And waiting to get back your pre-payment for more than 3 months for a support slot for a bigger tour which was canceled from the same agency made this decision necessary. We can only say: if you are reached by a Czech booking agency "Enemy Booking" for touring, just let it be and move on. Too many drama and lies ... But hopefully we can make it to these country sometime in the future with a proper tour.

Actually we're writing songs for another thrash metal massacre. At this moment, we have finished three songs completely. These songs are covering all the area we've explored musically so far - and also some new ones. We are really excited about the new stuff!!

So keep up thrashin' ... we'll see ya soon somewhere ...
EP update & release party  25.09.2019
We've finished recording our forthcoming EP "Thrash Metal Ddomination" in the SOS Basement Studio. The EP will contain six songs and will be released in November 2019. In this moment the mixing and mastering takes place and we're looking forward to present you some new stuff soon.
Don't miss our release show with our buddies from Mortal Factor on 23rd November 2019 in the Metbar Lenzburg!!
News news news ....  09.03.2022
Hey thrashers! This page wasn't updated regularly as we did most of promo through our Facebook page. But if you can read this, you are then it was about time to update our website ...
The last 2 years were probably the same for all of us. Not much going on with live concerts or else. We did some breaks during the pandemic, wrote some new tunes and played 3 concerts. But now the future seems to be a little brighter. And by the way: we have a new bassist! Ralph Luz joined Contorsion in early 2020. More about him soon.
New live shows will be added soon. We have also booked some studio time for November 2022. We will delivery regularly updates about the process soon. So stay thrashy and healthy, friends!!