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The formation of the Swiss based thrash metal band CONTORSION took place in
summer 2004. Founded by Marc Torretti (guitar) and Mättu Eschmann (drums),
they were joined by Dani Bürkli (bass) soon. After some productive writing
sessions and an endless search for a guitarist and singer, two guitarists were
found with Sime Freiburghaus and Luca Rossi. Marc changed into the vacant
singer position and CONTORSION were soon ready for the first live gigs.

During the next 2 years, lots of stages were successfully burned down by their
powerful live performances, amongst others as support for bands like One Man
Army And The Undead Quartett, Born From Pain, Cataract and GurD.

In January 2010 was the release of the first full-lenght album Solace Through
Lies“ via NonStop Music Records. The CD release was promoted with a run of live
shows, before guitarist Luca decided to leave the band.

With the addition of Tom Steiner, the vacant position could be filled in a very
short time. While playing sporadically live gigs, the writing for a future release
took place during the next months.

Beginning of 2013, Tom left the band due personal reasons. Fortunately a new
guitarist was found quickly in the person of Jon Schnider. In the fall of 2013 the
second full-length album was recorded.

The album “Planet Parasite” was released on 21.03.2014 again through Non Stop Music Records. Now it's time for their crushing live performance throughout the stages of the world. Be prepared for a massive thrash metal domination!