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Sime guitars sime[AT] 22.12. somewhere in the seventies 1. Motörhead- Ace of Spades 2. Overkill - Horrorscope 3. Turbonegro - sexual Harrassment 4. Metallica - Kill 'em all 5. Slayer - Reing in Blood Sepultura, Motörhead, Exodus, Turbonegro, Pantera, Murderdolls playing guitar, modifying guitars, meat , biking, skiing, tattoos getting up early, working, vegetarian food, no more beer in the fridge, any kind of “Mundart Rock”, Lady Gaga playing guitar, biking, skiing Anker Beer, Bacardi Oak, Jim Beam, Italian Grappa, BBQ, Italian Food Shoot em up, Resident Evil, 300, The Expendables, Sin City, Ong Bak Currently ENGL SE Amp (changes very frequently!!), Marshall Mode Four Cab (modified with Celestion V30), LTd Flying V, Schecter Gary Holt, other modified guitars (changes also frequently)